Blockchain in the secondary ticket market

YellowHeart founder Josh is an idea powerhouse and a visionary. He came to us with the idea of using blockchain and smart contract to deal with the scalping issues in secondary ticket market. We helped Josh developed the MVP for YellowHeart (iOS/Android), working closely with Josh and the product lead Marie. Subsequently Josh was able to secure interest from market leaders in the ticketing space to pay attention to YellowHeart. With the gaining popularity of NFT, Josh continues to take YellowHeart to the next level by continuing to innovate in this space. We are very grateful to have collaborated with Josh on this cutting edge project that's poised to disrupt the ticket industry and bring fairness back to the artists.

“In any startup, speed is paramount. Moving quickly, shipping product and learning from our users is the way to build a great product. By hiring Tappollo Media, we were able to double our capacity to ship product.

Building software usually involves a trade off between speed and quality. With Tappollo Media work, I have to say that we didn't really have to choose. They worked extremely well and consistently delivered quality product.

Insightful and impactful contributions to our iOS architecture.
Clear and concise communication.
Between our office in NY and Tappollo Media's team in the United States and China, we were able to have a really good continuous flow of work around the clock.

The quality and speed of work was a killer combo.

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